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Savvy Offroad JK LHT Front Bumper

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LHT is Savvy's code for the Lightest, the Hardest and the Tightest in off-road designs. Drivers turn to Savvy Products for reliable off-road, after market products for Jeep Wrangler vehicles. The Savvy Off-Road LHT Version Front Bumper is custom fit for Jeep Wranglers JK models. optimized options include the bar sets for the front that sit higher than the factory OEM versions giving drivers a better angling approach, increased wheel exposures and room for a full size winch.

Features Include

Winners of the KOH EOC awards for First in Class bumper styles, as well as the First Overall bumper award style for 3 consistent years, there are varying skins for the bumpers. This gives the drivers options for their covers/skins to match the Jeep Wrangler colors of their choice.

Bumpers are made of AR-400 steel and chromoly for added durability and strength. With a bolt-on style, the bumpers are easy to install and fit with most winch kits. There is spacing for the winch to fit into the rails of the frames. With increased radiator air flow, the bumper has cutouts for the frame. There are eight mounting bolts that are Grade 4 so the mount is sturdy and won't risk breaking.