2005-Up Tacoma Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Suspension - 3,600 lbs

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Timbren's Active Off-Road Bumpstops provide off-road enthusiasts with greater control over their Toyota Tacoma's suspension travel. Using progressive-rate springs means that instead of a hard stop at the end of axle travel, the axle energy will be absorbed when bottoming out, producing smooth, predictable, and quiet axle engagement and disengagement. The progressive rubber springs absorb the harsh jolt at the end of axle travel, giving you a gentle ride the whole time.

Unlike your factory bumpstops, Timbren's bumpstops are constructed of a superior natural rubber compound, ensuring the bumpstops will continue to operate even after a lifetime of off-road abuse. And the steel brackets and disks are lazer cut before they are painted with a durable, long-lasting powder coat finish to ensure protection and long life.


  • Designed to maximize axle travel
  • Smooth axle engagement and disengagement
  • Enhances rear suspension performance
  • Progressive spring rate
  • Absorbs energy and cushions road shocks
  • Constructed of a natural rubber compound
  • Stronger than OEM bumpstops
  • Easy installation - includes U-bolt flip kit
  • Capacity: 3,600 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Product includes U-Bolt Flip Kit to allow for more ground clearance.