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TRE 3/8" Synthetic Winch Rope

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3/8″ Synthetic Winch Rope with 18,500 lb. breaking strength is made from heavy duty, lightweight Dyneema SK75 synthetic rope and comes with a steel eye thimble, 6 ft. nylon sheathing and new drum attachment. The perfect replacement winch rope for all makes and model winches. 

When you add an optional SAFETY THIMBLE, it will come pre-installed on your new rope, ready to wind onto your winch right out of the box!!

The Safety Thimble II sets the standard for superior synthetic winch rope termination! Designed for 5/16″ and 3/8″synthetic winch ropes found on most Jeeps, Trucks and other Off Road Vehicles. The Safety Thimble II is designed to work with our Soft-Shackles or a  3/4″ (7/8″pin) steel bow shackle, either by the pin or the body of the shackle.