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AMO Anchor Mats

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We started with the tried and tested aluminum sand ladders that have been proven around the world and upgraded them for todays needs. We developed the Anchor Mats to be the best recovery track available today. The Anchor Mats are Stack-able, Durable, Bridge-able and American Made.This is Expedition Grade equipment.... they dont come in colors, they arent there for show.


All Aluminum, CNC bent, TIG Welded (No recycled milk jugs here)

Stackable.... Anchor Mats easily nest inside each other for easy transport and bridging.

Durable.... Spinning the tires will not destroy the traction on the mats.

Bridging Capable.... Double stacking the Anchor Mats makes them capable of bridging gaps and ledges in vehicles up to 5500lbs. 

No obscure Mounting system. These will fit on a Rotopax dual mounting system. You can fit a Rotopax 4gal fuel tank and a pair of Anchor Mats OR 4 Anchor Mats on a single mount!!


47.5" x 17" (14" wide tread area)

13.5lbs each

Sold Per Pair