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Savvy Offroad JK LHT Rear Bumper

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For the best in durable and sturdy steel bumpers, shop for Savvy's after-market LHT Rear Bumper for that next off-road adventure. Savvy develops the best in off-road adventures, helping drivers to replace weak factory OEM products. The Savvy Off-Road LHT Rear Bumper is custom made for 2007 to 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK models. The LHT stands for the Lightest, the Highest, and the Tightest in design, shape and angling. This helps assist drivers as the rear bumper has tight curves, the most wheel exposure, and is pre-cut and designed for the spare tire area.

Features Include

With an easy to assemble bolt-on style, the Savvy Off-Road LHT Bumper is a replacement to the factory version with the cross member. Drivers will appreciate the added clearance and ring mounts (D-style) that fit seamlessly with the cross member and aligns perfectly with its frame.

The difference with this bumper is the standard factory OEM would remove the cross member and then bolt in the bumper. The Savvy version factors in the need for the cross member and the LHT bumper with included bumper caps, helps to ensure it's comparably used. With increased strength drivers have a sturdy frame and increased clearance. Included are the cross member bumper for the rear, the bumper cap made of steel components, all the hardware (Grade 8 type) and washers